Dynasty Kingdoms is a new Fantasy Card Game created by Mixoris.

Description Edit

In Dynasty Kingdoms choose your Dynasty, create your Kingdom and begin to build your Kingdom up. Protect your Kingdom from opposing threats which are the other Kingdoms who plan to be the best Kingdom. Destroy other Kingdoms, so you can prove your Kingdom is the best and come out on top! Go here to learn how to play!


Long ago in ancient times, 4 people who all lived in 4 completely different places, learned how to use the 4 elements. They learned how to become one with these elements. They discovered these 4 elements were too strong and died from the power.

The Next Generation knew about this. They decided if they couldn't master these 4 elements with their body, maybe they could master it with an item. They tried swords, rocks, sticks, anything they could find. Still, no improvement. One day, one of them all met discovering there were others like them. They saw this card laying on the floor and started playing with them. Suddenly the elements that they knew how to use were absorbed inside the cards.

These cards channeled the elements and kept the elements from being unstable, so they were able to use them. They all vowed that with this power they shall create kingdoms, and they all said: "May this best Kingdom win!". They all dashed away with their elemental powers and started their kingdoms.

The battle betweent he Kingdom started and then the battle was so strong it ended in complete destruction and a tie. They passed on their Legacy to the Next Generation and asked them to make a Kingdom or join one so they'll have something to fight for and can live peacefully, while fighting to become the absolutely best Kingdom there is! Later in the new generation they named the ancestors of these Element Users the Fire Dynasty, Water Dynasty, Wind Dynasty, and Earth Dynasty, to show what line of heredity the Legacy Holder's were from. These also helped the New Generation of Legacy Holders to know which cards to choose.